Pre & Post OP Instructions

Before you come

Your Surgeon will review with you the details of having your surgery performed at the Center. A nurse will contact you within a few days of your procedure to review your medical history, to give your pre-op instructions and your arrival time (in some instances it will be the physician’s office).  If you have any special contact information, or if you have not heard from us by 3:00 pm the day before your procedure, please call 215-914-4615.

Costs not included in your insurance reimbursement

Professional fees for services provided by your surgeon, anesthesiologist and pathologist. Insurance co-pays, deductible and co-insurance will be expected on the day of your procedure. You will receive a call prior to the date of service with an estimate of required fees. Please bring your photo ID, insurance card and co-pay/co-insurance/deductible if necessary. We have convenient payment plans available through ePay, to do so, Please Click Here

Our Benefit Coordinator’s number is 215-914-4611

Explanation of ownership

Your physician may be a partner in the ownership of Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center (see our list of partners).

Patient’s rights and responsibilities, Grievance Policy, and patient’s Right to Self Determination

Your surgeon’s office will supply you with written and verbal information regarding these issues prior to your procedure. You may also obtain a packet at the Center prior to the day of your procedure. This information is also available on our website under Patient Registration.

Patient Information

You will receive a call (usually occurs when the surgery is scheduled by the physician’s office) prior to your procedure requesting you to fill out your medical history online at the Simple Admit Website. If you do not have access to a computer, the nurses will attempt to obtain your medical history during the pre-operative phone call.

Please follow the instructions below:

Go online to register at as soon as possible after you are scheduled.

Click ”patient start here”

Enter the following password: HVSC215New

If you have been a patient at the surgery center in the past six months and have completed this online form, you do not need to do so again.                      

The Simple Admit Customer service 877-848-4726

Preparation for Surgery

The Night before Surgery

  • Please do not eat or drink anything after midnight on the evening before your surgery, unless otherwise instructed by your physician.
  • If you are taking medications for high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes or seizure disorders, contact your physician for additional instructions.
  • Medications and anesthesia may be harmful to a fetus, especially in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. If there is the possibility of pregnancy, please contact your physician prior to undergoing surgery.
  • Notify your surgeon of any changes in your health or if you have been exposed to any communicable diseases.
  • Smoking 24 hours before or after surgery may be detrimental to your recovery.

The Day of Your Procedure

Please bring your photo ID, insurance card and co-pay/deductible/co-insurance if necessary.

Bathe the morning of surgery. If you shampoo your hair, make sure it is dry and do not use hairspray. Do not use any lotions, creams, powders or make-up. Remove all body piercings.

  • Do not wear contact lenses.
  • You may brush your teeth, but do not swallow any water.
  • Wear loose fitting, casual clothing that can be easily removed.
  • Do not wear/bring jewelry or other valuables to the center.

Bring a list of all medications you are currently taking with you on the day of surgery (it may be helpful to take a picture of the bottle with your phone) including over the counter medications and herbals. Include the dosages, last time you took them and the number of times a day you take them.

Bring a written list of known allergies, as well as your reactions.

Female Patients: A urine specimen may need to be obtained the day of surgery, check with the receptionist upon arrival. 

Prior to Surgery

  • Patients must sign a surgical consent form before any medication can be given or surgery performed.
  • Minors must have a parent or legal guardian sign a consent form before surgery can be performed. Parent or guardian must stay at the center.
  • You will not be permitted to drive yourself home if you receive sedation or general anesthesia. Transportation arrangements must be made prior to the day of your procedure which includes to be taken home by a responsible adult over the age of 18 with a valid driver’s license. This person is encouraged to remain at the center during your procedure. If they are unable to do so, they must provide a telephone number where they can be easily contacted.
  • If you need to use a Taxi, Uber, or Lyft you must have a responsible adult to accompany you home (this may not be the Taxi, Uber or Lyft driver). A patient receiving local anesthesia only, may be permitted to drive themselves home at the discretion of their surgeon.

Following Surgery


After your procedure, you will be moved to our Recovery Room where you will be monitored until you meet the criteria for discharge. Your nurse will review your discharge instructions with you and the responsible adult accompanying you home. If you have had anesthesia, your accompanying adult will be asked to sign the instructions.

In most cases your physician will see you in the Recovery Room following the procedure. You may not remember this due to the anesthetics used for your procedure. In some cases the physician will also discuss his findings with the accompanying adult as well as the patient. You will be provided with discharge instructions prior to leaving the facility.

At Home

  • In case of an emergency, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.
  • Depending on your procedure, you may need someone at home with you for the first 24 hours following surgery.
  • Do not drive, sign important papers or make critical decisions for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not operate machinery, power tools, etc. for at least 24 hours.
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours.

A representative of the Center will contact you in the days following your surgery to inquire about your condition. Please give them the number you wish to be contacted on for your follow-up call. If you are returning to work or will not be available to take the call, the nurse will leave you a message on the phone number you gave us.

Your surgeon will provide you with post-operative instructions (it is very important that you read the instructions) regarding diet, rest and medication. In the event of any difficulties or complications, call your surgeon immediately, the phone number can be found on your discharge instruction sheet.

You will receive a satisfaction survey (by email if you have an email address or paper survey if you do not), please fill this out and return to us. If we exceeded expectations please let us know if we have disappointed you, let us know that too (it is the only way we can improve on our delivery of care). Huntingdon Valley Surgery Center Nurses Station phone number is 215-914-4620